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Rachel's Blog - Setting the scene

Time 6.30pm.

It was a normal Friday evening at “The Inn Over the Road”. The usual local crowd were in for a few early evening drinks and a chatter. Amongst them, six real ale drinkers. As we are such a small establishment, the bar only stocks what is known as a “pin”of real ale, which is a small barrel of 36 pints. This needs to tapped and served at its best within two days.


The real ale runs out, I changed the pin. Just than a group of 12 men in their 30s have walked into bar. They make their way to the bar crowding the space out. “Hi gentlemen what would you like to drink”, “11 pints of ale and 1 pint of Guinness please”. I pour the drinks and then take the money for the round. The crowd moves away from the bar.


Meanwhile my locals are getting concerned as 11 drinkers x 2 rounds = 22 pints. Will I run out of ale? The locals now tell me that I have to tell the newcomers that we’ve run out of ale before they order another round.


I made my way over to the group of men asking them; “where are you staying?”, they told me there was a venue for the Stag weekend in the next village and they thought they would pop in on the way for a drink. They only stayed for one round. My locals and I was so relieved. The real ale lasted the whole evening, my last pint being sold at 3pm on the following day.

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